Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
How to Qualify
How to Claim my CA$H BACK

General Questions

How do you offer CA$H BACK when I find my next apartment on
It's simple, we are paid an agent referral fee for referring new clients to most apartment communities. We use the referral fee we collect to offer you CA$H BACK.

Will I still qualify for specials offered by the apartment complex?
YES, our agent referral fee is separate of any promotions that the apartment complex is currently offering, so when you use Cash2Lease, not only can you receive a substantial CA$H BACK reward, but you also qualify for any specials, discounts, coupons, or promotions that the apartment complex offers!

Why does the CA$H BACK amount differ for each community?
At Cash2Lease, we have developed special relationships with each of the apartment communities in our database enabling us to provide you with CA$H BACK. The CA$H BACK reward amount is specific to each apartment community based on our referral fee.

I would like someone to help me find my new apartment, who do I talk to?
Our licensed apartment locator specialists are available 7 days a week and would be happy to assist you. Please email

I have used your service before, can I use Cash2Lease again?
YES, you can use Cash2Lease as many times as you want.

How to Qualify

How do I qualify for CA$H BACK from Cash2Lease?
To qualify for your cash rebate you must have learned about your new apartment community through either our online apartment database or through the help of one of our licensed apartment locator specialists. When you tour your selected apartments, make sure to list "" as your referring source on all guest cards and lease applications. Once you have an accepted lease application, you can then sign in and claim your CA$H BACK reward. It's that simple! Please see our Disclaimers page for full details on how to qualify.

What are some common reasons for not qualifying for CA$H BACK from Cash2Lease?
The most common reason is failing to list "" on your guest card or lease application. You also must not have learned of the property before registering with Cash2Lease and you must sign a lease for at least the minimum lease term specified for that community. Also, prior to visiting your chosen communities, you must add the community to your favorites list. Please see our Disclaimers page for full details on how to qualify.

What if I put the wrong referrer on the guest card or lease application?
Unfortunately, unless you list "" on all guest cards and lease applications, we cannot provide you with a CA$H BACK reward. Listing "Friend," "Locator," "Drive by," "Internet," "Online," etc. DO NOT qualify.

How to claim your CA$H BACK

How do I claim my CA$H BACK reward once I have an approved application?
Once you have an approved lease application, and have listed "" on your guest card and lease application, you are ready to claim your CA$H BACK reward. Log on to your account at and click on the button to "Claim My Cash." Fill out the form and click "Submit." We will then process your request and verify with your apartment complex that "" is listed on the guest card and lease application. You will be notified once your CA$H BACK reward request has been approved. You may check the status of your rebate at any time by visiting your page.

When is my Cash2Lease CA$H BACK reward paid to me?

Your CA$H BACK reward is mailed to you once we have final approval from your chosen apartment community. It can take up to 45 days after your move in date to receive your CA$H BACK reward check. The reason is that some apartment communities do not issue locator commissions until you have lived in the unit for 30 days. You can always check the status of your rebate by visiting your page.